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Leighton Deny: Pillow Talk


Being a bit of a nail varnish fiend, I am always on the hunt for a new brand of nail polish to satisfy my need for beautifully glossy painted nails. Pillow Talk from Leighton Denny is just that. Offering a wide range of eye catching, wearable and long lasting nail polishes these are not ones to be passed by. I picked up Pillow Talk in good old Marks and Sparks for £7 when they had a beauty department offer on ( it would have been rude not to pick it up when an offer was on!) and I had spent most of my morning looking up their shades online. Wild one, I am.

Pillow Talk appealed to me right away – a beautiful berry tone with the right amount of red and deep pink thrown in to make it an eye catching and quirky shade. Two coats and my nails looked perfectly coated in Pillow Talk. It is an easy nail polish to wear, you know sometimes those nail polishes that you need to be careful what colours your wear clothes wise, this is no issue with Pillow Talk. It has taken the place of my trusted black nail polish as my favourite as I think it is a little more mature and forgiving than a full on black nail (although I do love it!)

The lasting power, colour pay off and sheer glossiness of Leighton Dennys’ Pillow Talk has caused me to form quite an extensive list of polishes to pick up from the brand – to discover two of these lustful wonders click here.


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