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Pink Nail Polish

“They are at different ends of the pink spectrum but are equally fabulous, wearable and a bright pop on your digits.”

Pink has never been ‘my colour’ instead I have opted for red hues, orange and black! That is until recently…

Slowly but surely since about mid February pink has been sneaking its way into my wardrobe and my beauty product stash. Cheeky pink. It started with a fuschia pink scarf that Mama RDP got me to go with my faux fur leopard print coat then I started to tie a pink neckerchief to my handbags and now it’s all over my nails! I blame Caroline Stanbury of Ladies of London as she is forever rocking a great shade of pink. She is a chic gal so there are worse people I could be seeking inspiration from really.

When it comes to popping a pink polish onto my nails there have been two favourites. They are at different ends of the pink spectrum but are equally fabulous, wearable and a bright pop on your digits. Neither are break the bank brands (god, I’m loving a bit of alliteration today) but both offer great formulas, colour pay off and staying power.

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Collection Lasting Gel Nail polish in Raspberry / Models Own Iced Neon Collection in Bubblegum

Raspberry is a deeper toned pink, definitly a subtle shade of pink that depending on the light can look almost a little red. I’m a big fan of the Collection Lasting Gel nail polish line, they are really affordable at £2.50 and there is a great range of colours. Raspberry is in my top 3 shades form this range as it is quite unique, really flattering to the hands and adds a nice pop of colour without being really harsh.

Moving away from the subtle, I give you Models Own Iced Neon Collection in Bubblegum. This polish is a super bright neon pink shade. Completely a Bubblegum pink shade that is in no ways reserved. I love this polish. It is a little garish but in a great way, looks amazing with a tan and adds a nice bit of brightness to your life.



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