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Pixie Cut – The Pros and Cons

A pixie cut has been my haircut of choice for the last 4 years bar a short stint I had with a bob. That didn’t last long. Over the 4 years, I have had many lengths of pixie and have dyed my hair many a colour. Following my stint with a bob and the chop that brought it’s life to an end – I instantly felt like me again when my ears were exposed and my hair didn’t flap about in the wind.

Choosing to get the chop can be a big decision but being an avid pixie cut patron, I thought weighting up the pros and cons of the famous cut could be beneficial. If you are looking for a little bit of a humorous take on living with a pixie then check out my Short Hair don’t care post.


Getting ready time is cut almost in half. My hair is no longer the straightening task that it was when I had it long. After a quick shampoo and condition, some hair oil to smooth the end and a rough blast with the hair dryer I can pop on some wax and I am good to go. Giving me ample time to apply my cat eye liner or bumble over which lipstick to wear!

You will feel more feminine than ever before. There is something incredibly feminine about a pixie cut that is hard to put into words. Possibly something to do with the face lift that you get from the cut and the way your eyes open up.

Clothes will look more interesting. A simple outfit of a top, jeans and ankle boots will be given an extra edge with a short do or a pretty floral dress will be toughened up the juxtaposition of your boyish hair cut.  Things just get an extra va-va-voom!



Peoples opinion on girls with short hair. As sad as it is to bring attention to, a lot of people seem to think she has short hair therefore she must be a lesbian.’ Not everyone falls into this school of thought but it can be very difficult to silence these words in your head.

It is high maintenance! Although you will save mammoth amount of time styling your hair at the crack of dawn, you will require more regular trips to the hair dresser for trims and touch ups. Needs must!

Hair style are limited. You won’t struggle in the wind with your locks getting caught up in your lip gloss but if you want to have a don’t style my hair day then you can think again.



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