Podcasts to listen to (Volume 5)

It is no secret that I love a podcast, I have written blog posts about the podcasts I love are 4 deep already! From The High Low to My Dad Wrote a Porno and we can’t be forgetting Jukes & Sarah the Podcast, there is a mix of topics and styles in my subscriptions. Something for everyone some may say.

Volume 5 isn’t as lengthy a list of recomendations as previous posts simply because I haven’t been listening to all that many new podcasts. I have tried a few ‘new’ ones on the scene but there haven’t been any/many that have stolen my heart. Apart from two. The first is BBC 5 Live’s Beyond Reasonable Doubt. Think Serial in its nature but – controversial opinion coming – Beyond Reasonable Doubt is better. Hosted by Chris Warbuton we are taking from the crime being committed to the trial then the retrial. There are interviews with the judge, jury members, the neighbour who has an owl theory that he beleives proves Michael Petersons innocence. It is a really engaging, eloquent and informative podcast that really does hook you right from the get-go. The big question is – do you believe that he is innocent?

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Next is a podcast that I have little to no doubt you have heard of, if you haven’t it is potential you live beneath a rock… The Guilty Feminist is hosted by comedian Deborah Frances-White and guests where they discuss feminist topics, generally self-deprecat and entertain their live audience. A favourite feature of mine is “I’m a feminist but…” insert I oogled a photo of Tom Hardy for a little too long. Light hearted and entertaining there is obviously an important message within this podcast – the inequality of women and why feminism is incredibly important.

Share with me your favourite podcasts, I would love to find out what you are loving!