Private Hell at Black Market Barracks, Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a new pop up bar for October and it is a scary affair. Black Market Barracks located on Market Street is open until the 31st of October and offers a whole lot of scares on the tour with Private Hell before you can head off to the bar to calm your nerves.

Despite my birthday being on Halloween, I’m not a huge one for scary things. Anything that involves being jumped out on or having the fear someone will sneak up behind me doesn’t sit well with me. In fact you could say I hate it. I am the person that is forever looking over their shoulder!

Private Hell at Black Market Barracks is a pretty scary affair and I definitely need a gin & slim at the end to calm my nerves (maybe before as well for some dutch courage!) Inside, on the tour, is dark and eary. You turn a corner and you literally do not know what is going to appear next but that just adds to the scare factor and to the fun of it all. Even if you aren’t a fan of the scary tour element, you can always head down with your friends and while they go on the tour you can get yourself a refreshing pint of Trenchfoot. You wuld be mad to miss out on this scary, unique and creative pop up that is in Edinburgh for a limited length of time.

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