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Public Desire Everly ankle boots

Everyone has something on their fashion wishlist that they trawl the shops both on and offline to find. Sometimes we find what we are looking for and sadly other times we don’t, very sad. On this occasion I actually found what I was looking for. It was entirely by chances that I did find some red velvet boots that were affordable and what I was looking for and it was entirely by chance that I did stumble across them.

The red velvet boots I found were the Public DesireĀ Everly ankle boots in Berry velvet. Yes, berry velvet. Divine.


When I added red velvet ankle boots to my wish list I had an idea in my head of what I was looking for but my hopes of actually finding just that were not high. The Everly ankle boots have the basic features that I was looking for, they were red velvet and ankle boots but they also had the added detail of the gold round the toe and weren’t a true red as berry suggests. Another benefit – they were in the sale!

I haven’t worn these beauties yet, red velvet ankle boots aren’t exactly the best choice of footwear in May so I can’t comment on how comfortable or uncomfortable they are yet. Although I don’t see them being overly uncomfortable – what can go wrong with an ankle boot that isn’t particularly high. Famous last words.


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