Recent Empties #2


It feels like as of late I have been really getting through the products, before I actually started keeping the empty containers I didn’t notice how much I actually got through so I suppose there is a silver lining in that now I know I don’t just sit with loads of products filling up mu bed side table waiting to be used. It also means I can take myself to Boots on my lunch break and get excited about all the potential new products that could be getting added to the drawer of yet to be tried products.

A lot of the products that have been used up are products I use regularly and featured in Recent Empties #1 but that gives a good indication that I like the products and they work for me.

First up is my go-to lipstick from GOSH in Angel (172), this is the perfect nude in my opinion. It is more of a pink nude rather than beige but doesn’t have that white ‘tippex’ lips look when applied. Always a plus. I had this bullet for a while because I kept going back and forth from it but finally it is done. I repurchased this before Christmas because the thought of being without my favourite just wasn’t something I was comfortable with. Angel pulls your make up together when you have gone for a smudged eyeliner or a bit of liquid liner. It just finishes off your make up plus whenever I apply make up it makes me feel sassy as a sassy thing!

If you have read Reverie de Paris before then you will know about my recent surge in love for Loreal products. The two I have used up have become everyday players in my make up routine and I don’t see them taking a step back anytime soon. The Miss Manga mascara does all kinds of wonderful things for my eyelashes. It gives me volume (which I love) and gives my lashes a bit of length and a curl. Basically it does everything that I could ever need, want or desire from a mascara. It is bloody brilliant. That is all I have to say on Miss Manga. True Match foundation is another big love of mine. It is another product that just really works for my skin, it doesn’t look cake-y and offers the perfect amount of coverage that I want. The colour range is pretty strong as well which is always a positive as there is nothing worse than the dreaded foundation line round your neck. I love this foundation so much it featured in my 2015 favourites. Yes ma’am it is that good.

The NO7 Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin is a firm staple in my skincare routine. I use this stuff morning and night, in the morning as a cleanse to prep my face for the day ahead and the make up that it will soon be getting slapped on and in the evening as a second cleanse to get rid of any left over make up from the initial cleanse with the Loreal Micellar Water. Both products work really well for my skin, leaving it feeling cleansed but not tight or stingy. Nobody wants stingy skin! Or tight skin for that matter. Keeping on the skincare theme and another product that has feature before, also from No7 is the Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Dry Skin. I love this stuff. My skin is a wee bit picky when it comes to moisturising creams but whatever is in this stuff it loves. I use this every morning under make up to act as a base for my foundation as well as giving my skin the moisture that it needs. A great thing about this cream is that it doesn’t make my skin go crazy and start over producing oil where it doesn’t need to.

What would my skin routine be with a dab of the Boots Tea Tree Toner. Yet another skin saviour. For years I messed about with fancy spot fighting products then I found this and I have not looked back. Well maybe once or twice I have but my point is I always come back to this. Always. After cleansing in the evening before night cream and before day cream in the morning I swipe a cotton pad of this over my face paying particular attention to areas that I suffer from break outs for often. It leaves my skin feeling clean and if I do have a blemish I can really feel it working to calm it down and settle the general infection, redness and gross feeling that comes with pimples. The Tea Tree range at Boots is pretty inexpensive and has some really good products that keep skin in good condition without drying it out or stripping away the good stuff.



  1. January 10, 2016 / 9:25 am

    I’ve always wanted to get the Miss Manga mascara when it was released here, but the shops only offer the waterproof mascara (I hate waterproof mascara for everyday, I’ll end up lash-less if I use it). And as for Loreal True Match, whenever I go out to buy it, my shade’s always not available… secretly, I think Loreal hates me.
    As for nudes lipsticks, I’ve been opting for essence’s Barely There, it’s not really a nude colour but more of a your-lips-but-better colour, and I love it since it’s moisturizing at the same time.

    Mia xx | Chaotic Tales

    • January 17, 2016 / 9:55 am

      Aw that is so annoying! Hopefully you get to try them both soon. Totally with you on waterproof mascara, not an everyday product.

      I will definitely need to check out essence’s Barely There – any excuse to try a new lipstick! x

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