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Red Hair with Loreal Preference

There was a Loreal box of dye sitting in my cupboard for a while just asking for me to pop it on my hair. I hadn’t dyed my hair an exciting colour in a long, long time. All I had done is top up the brown and get rid of the greys. I wanted to do something different. Something a bit exciting. So on the box dye went.

I used Loreal Recital preference in 3.66 Dark red. The dye is a deep red that has ulta violet under tones, it is a nice warm colour that doesn’t drain pale skin. (Yes, I am wearing a bin bag in the picture, just call me Bradley!)



The colour is a true dark red but my hair was completely free of dye and naturally is a light brown with greys so the colour took well. I really like Loreal box dyes – they don’t smell overly strong, are easy to apply and they have a wide range of colours. Plus I have only ever had one bad experience with a dye that turned out to be quite a nice colour.


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