reverdie de emma?!

Is anyone daydreaming of me?! *looks to the left, looks to the right — no one has raised their hand*

Bonjour! Ca va?

I thought that introducing myself properly before launching myself into blog posts about some of the most important matters of our time was probably the polite thing to do. So here goes.

I’m Emma, Emma Lillian soon to be when I work out how the hell you change your name by dead poll – anyone help a sister out?? Lillian was my paternal grandmothers name and I like the sound of Emma Lillian, in case that was keeping you awake at night. I am a twenty four year old Glaswegian living in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I live with an Emma who is the Meredith to my Christina (Grey’s fans, ye get me?) and no both being named Emma doesn’t get confusing unless someone doesn’t know my flatmate is called Emma and just thinks I’m mental and talking about myself in the third person!

I work in advertising in the display land, have done since February 2014. My birthday is on Halloween but I would rather avoid fancy dress if I am being honest with you. I grew up on a sheep farm and am the product of a truly happy up bringing. I am kept a float by the blackest of black eye liner and my fringe both play equally important parts in my day-to-day functioning.

Writing and literature has always been something I have loved and something I need to make more time for rather than claiming there are other things to do. The written word is bloody amazing! Go and read a fabulously written book about whatever you fancy. I chose Paris years ago and have found extraordinary books on the topic. (Note: I read other genres and topics!) To be honest, I couldn’t pick a favourite author or book simply because there are too many wonderful works of the written word to choose from. Why have one?

I have the most mixed up music taste – give me a rock song followed by a bit of cheesy pop any day! I cannot be trusted with the job of being in charge of the music any time – listening to a whole song isn’t in my system. TOO MUCH CHOICE!

Topshop, H&M and Zara clothe me although I am trying to incorporate some vintage into my wardrobe now. I see a new weekend pass time popping up. Internet shopping is divine. The excitement of getting a parcel. Tearing it open to reveal that lovely lovely good *sigh*

Some other facts… orange is my favourite colour. I love mayonnaise and musicals. Nail varnish is always on my nails. Ankle boots are becoming a slight obsession.

Welcome to Reverie de Paris Lovlies!x


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