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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat

sally-hansen-miracle-gel-top-coatIf you are a regular in these parts you will know that I am a huge fan of the Seche Vite top coat and have tried a few others but always gone back to my one true love. Now before I get into my thoughts, feeling and opinions on the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat let me just caveat that Seche Vite will always be a staple in my nail collection, the shine from this stuff is incredible and will always have a place in my heart but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have more than 1 love in my life.

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The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat is a little bit different to the Seche Vite counter part. The main difference being the consistency, in my opinion Sally Hansen has a much thicker offering which would go hand in hand with the fact that it is a gel top coat – Seche Vite doesn’t claim to be a gel top coat specifically. The shine from the Sally Hansen Gel top coat is nice but not as shiny I am used to. I do like a shiny finish to my nail polish. In terms of longevity, this is a really long lasting and hard wearing product that doesn’t chip even after a week of bashing away at a keyboard for 8 and a half hours. Always a plus for the nail polish wearer.

Although I like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel top coat, I don’t love it. It is definitely not replacing my Seche Vite, one day something might but for the time being first place has not changed.


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