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How to: Sangria


What you will need:

Red wine


Orange Juice

An orange

A lemon



Since sampling the delights of Sangria at Cafe Andaluz one night, I have been itching to make myself a nice home made pitcher. So this weekend that is exactly what my friends and I did. Once you have collected your much needed items, add 3 parts red to wine to a jug with ice then add 2 parts orange juice and 2 parts lemonade.

Once you have added wine, orange juice and lemonade pop in your lemon and orange slices before hitting your mint leaves between your palm and the top of your hand. You should do this in order to get the flavour of the mint out of the veins in the leaves. Top tip for you there!

Pop you mint in and bobs your Uncle, a lovely jug of freshly made Sangria!


Just be careful when you pour it…



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