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You know that 11am hunger pang or that little bit of snacking that you do when you get home from work waiting for your dinner? We have all been there. When I was emailed asking if I would like to try some of the Nairn Snackers, I thought this could be the answer to my snacking woes.

Snackers really are a #savedbysnackers nibble.

A little bit like crisps but they are oat based snacked that offer slow energy release while being full of flavour.  Depending on the variety you are looking at 100 calories a packet plus they are baked and not fried. Winning. They come in 3 flavours; cheese, salt & vinegar and balsamic vinegar & caramalised onion. I tried the cheese and the salt & vinegar which are both equally delicious and filling, I will say the salt & vinegar are my favourite as I am a massive vinegar lover.


These littler babies really do satisfy the hunger pangs be it sitting at your desk, the in between work and dinner hunger that sweeps in or for a mid travel snack. I have treated myself to a 100 calorie Snacker. If you are looking for something to energise and satisfy your hunger pangs then Nairn Snacker are for you!  I have been #savedbysnackers many a time.


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