September Goals

A new month means new goals. Naturally.

My August Goals  were quite blog focused with 2/3 being either content creation or social media related. They weren’t particularly deep or heavily challenging goals but they were what I wanted to achieve in August so I challenge myself to them.

August seems to have flown by, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is done and dusted for another year. The pop up bars are closed, the 1,000s of tourists that swarm the city have gone and it is back to business as usual. I won’t lie, the Festival isn’t my favourite thing. It is good fun but I don’t go out of my way to go to shows. Controversial opinion, maybe. Summer is drawing to a close now, the nights are drawing in and we are definitely getting closer to Autumn *girlie squeals* I can’t wait for ankle boots, scarves and jumpers. Summer dressing doesn’t work for Reverie de Paris. Just refered to myself as my blog name… moving on.

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The August Goals

Instagram Everyday – Bar one day, I managed to get a post on the Reverie de Paris Instagram account. It sounds like a superficial and pointless goal but I wanted to see the difference regularly posting made to the level of engagement. It rose – shock.

Focus on quality content over quantity – I did this kind of. I went through a period of radio silence on the blogging front this month. This September, I am focusing on really writing posts that I enjoy and would want to read myself.

Continuing to make progress with running & yoga – Running went out the window. I don’t like running, it isn’t for me. The euphoria of finishing a run was good but the actual running part was hell! It also did bad things to me knees. Knee ache is not fun. Yoga on the other hand, I am loving. I am trying to get in a practice everyday, even if it is just 20 minutes. I have also been practicing my crow pose because that is going to be the balance pose that I master first. Practice, practice, practice.

The September Goals

Save £100 – Now I know that £100 doesn’t sound like a lot of money but I am terrible at saving. Fully blown, terrible. I need to start saving because eventually I want to buy a flat and there are lots of things I want to do but without actually making the effort to consiously save, it won’t happen.

Finish a book – I love reading, going into Waterstones on my lunch break for a little nose around makes me far too happy. 2017 hasn’t been my best year for reading. I think I’ve read maybe two books so far, nine months in this isn’t a great effort. So this September I am going to get a book finished!

Follow my new posting schedule – From the end of August onwards I am posting Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I decided that this schedule allows me to get posts scheduled in and ensure that I am pleased with the content.

What are your goals for the new month?


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