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Short Hair don’t care

“Oh my god, you look like Julie Andrews!”

Thursday night saw my take my little self off to Charlie Miller hairdressers in Edinburgh for a cut and blow dry. The aim of said cut and blow dry was to get back my pixie cut that I had been growing out for just over a year. I was done with longer hair, can’t hack it (pardon the pun) I needed my easy to style, doesn’t get in my way pixie cut back.
Following letting the receptionist know Gemma was here for her appointment – slight miscommunication over the phone in that my name is Gemma and not Emma, Gemma does get 20% off her next cut though – I showed Jo exactly what I wanted and that is what I got!
I love short hair. It’s easy to maintain, on the right person (not that I am saying I’m the right person!) it looks amazing and not everyone has it. I can’t manage a – hideous – top knot but the chances of the wind messing up my hair are slim to none.
With short hair in mind, here are a few things that you should consider refraining from saying to a short haired girl!
  • “Excuse me, sir?” – this has happened to me before. Superdrug sans make up in gym clothes and the man who has seen me more than a dozen times calls me sir. I am in fact a busty man with a hand bag.
  • “You still look feminine!” – welll thank you. As long as I don’t look butch even though I didn’t have any butch characteristics before.
  • “It won’t take long to grow back.”– It will. I don’t want to grow it back but thanks for the back handed compliment. Appreciate it.
  • “Why did you do it?!” Said with a look of sheer confusion on your face – I did it because I wanted to. Having short hair, I think the weirdest most inappropriate comment I ever had was from a security guard in my old work who asked me if I had been ill because “your hair is like that.” Em no!!
  • “Do boys like girls with short hair?!” – If I did everything that would make boys like me I’d be walking about Edinburgh in my bra and pants probably, twerking and pouting. I won’t lie, I am rubbish at the whole male thing so they probably wouldn’t be attracted to that and I’d like look weird!
  • “You must save so much money on hair products!” – Not actually. I like to take it as an excuse to spend a bit of dolla on hair products because you use less everyday and well it might as well look good otherwise how would you attract all the boys with your butch hair cut!
Looking for an interesting read on short haired ladies, have a read of thisĀ Laurie Penny – New Statesman

Happy Sunday!



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