Skincare: Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Cleanser

Being the fickle average sized female that I am, I am forever trying to discover new skincare products. One day I might settle on something but I can’t confirm this will actually happen. While perusing the shelves of everyone’s favourite High Street pharmacy – Boots, just FYI – in search of a new cleanser I came across the Superfacialist Rose Hydrate Cleanser from Una Brennan. This isn’t a brand that I had heard of before or even cast my beady eye on before. What a fool I have been!


From the first use I knew that me and the Rose hydrate cleanser were going to get on swimmingly.

Before I go off on a rant and a rave about how great this cleanser is let me tell you a bit about my skin. Hold back that excitement. My skin is dry but not just dry, it is also dehydrated making for not so fun a time. It is also very sensitive, anything too harsh on my skin instantly leads to a puffy face. The worst case of this was when my eye lids swelled and I looked like I had been stung by a bee on each eye. Not sexy. With all of this in mind I am a little wary of trying out new skincare.

After a week of use my skin feels a lot better. It looks clearer, doesn’t feel tight and feels properly cleansed after I’ve used the hydrate cleanser with a face cloth. I haven’t tried anything else from the range but after loving this one so much I am definitely going to try more of the line.


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