Skincare: What I’m using now

Lets talk Skincare.

My skin has been a bit crazy as of late. A mixture of getting back to the gym, drinking more water and bad skincare routines. Naturally I took myself off to Boots to see what products I could find that would address these problems. I was fed up with dull, break out ridden skin – the time had come to address the issues.


While browsing the brands and products piled high in Boots, I came across the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 Cleanser. This stuff really removes the make up efficiently. Dampen your face, massage one pump of this all over your face then rinse off. Bobs your Uncle, one make up free face. I am a two cleanse kind of gal so after using Peaches and Clean, I used the B Refined exfoliating cleanser from Superdrug. I had never tried anything from this brand before but since trying this out, I am totally hooked. It is a rich enough to be abrasive but isn’t drying at all. You aren’t stripping any of the good stuff out of your skin! Since I have introduced these products into my skincare routine, my skin has cleared up a lot. It is feeling a lot healthier and clearer.

The final product that I want to talk about is a night cream. I’ve never really been a big one for popping on a night cream pre dream land but since using the L’oreal Triple Active night cream the difference in the texture of my skin is quite something. Make up goes on a lot smoother and my skin doesn’t feel tight at all.


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