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Stepping into Fitness

Fitness has been something I have dabbled with over the years. While in fourth year at Univeristy, I was really in a fitness moment. I worked out 6 times a week, keeping my routines fresh by mixing inbetween different cardio routines and weight training. I was in probably my best shape ever. Once I finished University and my free time drastically decreased and my time sitting at a desk rapidly increased, working out took a back seat.

The difference between my workouts then back in 2013 (Eek!) was that I didn’t make it into a lifestyle. In my opinion, that is really key. You have to want to live a healthier and more active life in order for it to stick – make it a lifestyle.

Recently I have started to pull together a new workout routine along with healthy eating plan that I know I will stick to. The workout part is made up of yoga – after being inspired by HMF Yoga – and The Boxx Method routines. I think I have found activites that I will stick to and enjoy. I tried running – wasn’t for me. I tried rowing – you guessed it, not for me. Then I found Boxx Method and yoga and everything feels like it’s fitting together. Lovely. Of course I had to go and buy some new workout clothes for my new endeavour – what would a workout be if you didn’t feel like you were wearing well fitting, comfortable clothes that made you really want to ace your routine. That goes for guys too! Nothing is worse than having your workout ruined because you chose the wrong outfit, and that starts with a well fitting base layer.

What are your top tips for developing a new workout and healthy eating routine without feeling like a rabbit caught in the headlights?

For fitness and healthy eating inspiration I always take myself to Instagram! Either that or my friend Rachael, I’m sure she loves being bombarded with texts from me about healthy pancake recipes and how much I loved my workout that day. I figured sharing with you some of my favourite fitspo accounts!

Rachael – Myjourneytogold

Don’t tell her but she was my first fitness inspiration when I decided to sort myself out back in 2016.

Alice – The Paleo Peach

Two words – Those. Abs.

Helen – HMF Yoga

I’ve mentioned HMF Yoga before. Her dedication to starting a Yoga business & general love of fitness really inspires me. She even puts up with my random Instagram direct message for yoga tips. She also has a YouTube channel. Major arm goals.



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