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Hiding behind Make-up

Make up is a big love of mine. I won’t lie. I love it. Going out without make up on isn’t really something I am comfortable with. Making myself up makes me feel better about myself and gives me confidence to face the world. I will admit, sometimes I do hide behind it. It is as if I can paint on a person and voila, come at me world!
Are we actually hiding away from the truth by painting on a mask?

It isn’t that without make up I don’t feel confident, it isn’t that at all. Even with make up there are times that I feel less than super confident but with a slick of eye liner and a few coats of mascara I feel like I am a bit more prepared. Like a Knight with their Armour on, if you like. Watching YouTube videos and reading beauty blogs is a favourite pass time of mine, I love seeing how different people react to products and how they use them.

Recently I have noticed that I have been searching through the social media world looking for new blogs and videos to inspire and inform. I have found content that is wonderfully created and presented but I have caught the thought “but she isn’t like me” passing through my head. She doesn’t wear eyeliner like I do. She doesn’t dress like I do. Where is her pixie cut?! With these thoughts flashing through my head, I realised well maybe they aren’t like me because well shock, I am me and although people will be similar to me – no one is exactly like me. They just aren’t.

I have talked a lot about self esteem and valuing yourself on here before and it is a common theme that is going to continue to run through this blog I am afraid. Sure I wear make up and probably do use it as a mask but I feel that my dark eye make up and my under cut pixie make up part of who I am. Maybe I should have more confidence in myself without make up but at the end of the day, I like make up. I like how it makes me feel and the creativity that comes from applying make up.