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The Basement, Edinburgh

Last Thursday saw me wining and dining (when I say wining I mean cocktailing but that is irrelevant really) at The Basement, Edinburgh located on Broughton Street. I had been to The Basement a few times previously for lunch but it was never particularly busy or atmosphere. Skip to a Thursday evening and The Basement comes alive. With a nice mix of small and large parties.

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The food was delicious. It was unlike any Mexican food I have had out before – it was true Mexican delicious-ness. We decided to sway from what we would normally choose and opted for a pulled pork Buritto and a chicken enchilada with green rice. We also had a cheeky side of sweet potato fries which were heaven in a little pot. Not only that we got freshly made guacamole at our table which was amazing.

To finish our delicious Mexican eating experience I opted for the Tequila Trio because I love Tequila. This came with baked tequila bites, avocado ice cream and a Tequila jelly shot. The food was delicious as was the atmosphere friendly and there was a buzz about the place. I would 100% urge everyone to go to The Basement for some Mexican delights. If the food doesn’t tempt you, they also have a wide selection of Tequilas behind the bar.

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