The Essie Nailcare Routine

When it comes to nail polish, Essie have fast become my favourite brand. I will happily pay £7.99 for an Essie polish because the quality far outshines other High Street brands. Although I am a fan of the Loreal Colour Riche nail polishes, I think Essie has taken the batton of number one. What can I say, the staying power and colour range from the brand has well and truly won me over! What’s a gal to do…

There is never a day where I don’t have painted nails. I really dislike having bare nails and have been a fan of painting my nails for the best part of ten years. Slowly but surely my Essie collection has been growing and they are becoming the polish of choice when it comes to a nail refresh. From nudes to the darkest of dark shades, Essie has it covered.

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Essie Shakes Nail Care Cucumber nourishes nails and the skin just around your nail. It leaves your nails and nail bed feeling really strong and hydrated. For my nails, hydration is key. I am forever getting little pulled back bit of skin around my nails but since including the Cucumber serum – I’m going to call it a serum – into my nail care routine (probably 2-3 times a week depending on how itchy my feet are to switch up my polish) the difference has been really noticeable. A coat of this, let it soak in either overnight on bare nails or soak in and rinse off before applying your base coat.

Speaking of base coats, as a product I have not really had great experiences with them. From purchasing cheaper alternatives that meant my nail polish literally pealed off in a single sheet of colour I was a little reluctant to dive in. Thhen Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat came into my life. I bought the Cucumber serum and Grow Stronger base coat as art of a 3 for 2 in good ol’ Boots and I will not be going back. As a product the base coat adds shine and strength to your nail in a single coat. My nails are no longer peeling and cracking which in turn is leaving my nails looking a lot healthier with a polish on top.

On to the final and probably most fun step, the polish.

The Essie polishes I have range from Chinchilly to Eclair my Love to some good darks. A dark nail is probably my favourite thing. Sure a bright, vibrant red is gorgeous but there is something about a dark nail that really speaks to me.

Essie Luxedo is a nail polish that I could probably wear every single day but I try not to wear it all the time. I always end up going back to it and am forever repurchasing. Please Essie, never take this away from me! Luxedo is a deep, dark plum-black that looks compltely black in some lights but it isn’t as heavy and harsh on the hands as a true jet black. This is a polish that I wear all year round because I couldn’t deal with the guilt of not giving this little beauty some attention.

What are your favourite Essie nail polishes?



  1. September 4, 2017 / 1:10 pm

    I always forget to use a base or top coat! These sound really great though. I really like Midnight Cami, it’s a gorgeous navy blue x

    What Josie Did Next

    • September 4, 2017 / 1:36 pm

      Same but it has totally changed how my nails look and feel as well as changing how long my polish lasts. Ohh I love the sound of that! Definitely adding that to my list of polishes to check out x

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