The Fiorelli Harlow Tote: The everyday bag

In my wildest dreams I would have a lovely collection of Hermes Birkin bags all lined up in a dressing room just waiting for me to saunter in and pick one for the day. Sadly, the chances of the Birkin collection happening are pretty slim. I don’t have and doubt I will have thousands of pounds to spend on a handbag never mind a collection of Birkin’s. Alas it is just one of those things. This doesn’t change the fact that I have a huge love for handbags. That feeling when you see a striking, beautiful handbag across a shop that you just have to have is like no other (slight exageration there maybe??) I can’t count the number of times I have gone for a wander around House of Fraser or Zara on my lunch break and been met with a beautiful handbag that I can’t leave without, this is probably why I have a wardrobe full of bags!

I have come to terms with the fact that me and Birkin aren’t going to have a life long love affair – other than virtually – and I am a bit of a High Street girl so I made it my mission to find a beautiful Birkin-alike on the High Street. This was a little bit more of ‘expensive’ High Street but it was my Birthday treat to myself and I had been lusting after this style of bag for sometime. After much online and instore research I finally found the bag I had been searching for.  Fiorelli Harlow Tote is my Birkin dupe. It isn’t exactly similar but it also isn’t too far off. To be honest, I wouldn’t have wanted a blatant ripe off, I want a similar style but with the slight differences of it not being a Hermes Birkin. Although it is pretty similar in its appearance.

I opted for the black mock croc effect because I felt like it looked more expensive and it would wear a little better than a soft texture free leather. I had originally been lusting after the Harlow in a dove grey but decided to opt for the black to see if I liked the bag before investing in something less staple. It is safe to say that I will 100% be saving up to get myself the dove grey version because this bag is not only beautiful, it is really functional. I can get all the nonsense I feel the need to carry about with me into Harlow and have room for any bits and bobs that I might pick up throughout the day. It is also a very attractive bag to look at which is never a bad thing.


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