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The importance of a smear test

“…isn’t sore, it is slightly uncomfortable but with deep breathes and relaxing you are fine. It will be over before you know it.”

Talking about your vagina may make you cringe a little bit, it may even make you feel uncomfortable but it is hugely important. How do you know what is normal and what isn’t without open discussion?

This thought came to me a few weeks ago when talking to a friend who had a hospital procedure to remove abnormal cells which came up in a smear test. She bravely posted about it on Instagram which then prompted me to share with her that I had undergone the same procedure a few years earlier. This wouldn’t have come up in conversation if she hadn’t decided to share this on Social Media. I say it wouldn’t have come up because I’m not sure at what point I would have said to her oh btw… at the time of my procedure I didn’t actually know said friend so it wouldn’t have been something that I would have brought up out of the blue. My point is the fact that she was brave enough to share it meant that I was able to show her some support as I had experienced something similar a few years prior and knew that it can be a scary time where you do feel a little bit lost and unsure of what will happen. It is scary news to get and knowing that your peers have been through it as well is a huge support in my opinion.

A smear test or a cervical screening test is hugely important.

Even as a healthy female you are still at risk of developing abnormal cells that could potentially lead to cervical cancer. Through the testing of the cervix any cells which are abnormal can be identified and ultimately removed before they do pose a serious risk. It should be noted that the cervical screening (smear test) isn’t a test to identify cancel, it looks purely at the health of the cells. It should also be noted that not all abnormal cells are a threat, some can go back to being normal without being removed.

The above in its self are reason a plenty to get yourself booked in for a cervical screening. If you are aged 25- 49 you should have a smear every 3 years, aged 50-64 is every 5 years.

It should not be something you are embarrassed about at all. It should be openly discussed because you don’t know who near to you has been through the same thing, is going through the same thing or just has a general fear about a smear test.

Whenever I talk to someone who hasn’t had a smear test before, I always say the following: it isn’t sore, it is slightly uncomfortable but with deep breathes and relaxing you are fine. It will be over before you know it. You may feel embarrassed about getting your lady area out for a stranger but what you need to remember is that they have seen countless!


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  1. Adele Miner
    December 16, 2016 / 7:56 pm

    This is a really important thing to write about, thank you for sharing! I am definitely taking inspiration from this post anyway, well done on you lovely blog too, I love it!! x


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