The Morning Routine.

My morning routine has dramatically changed recently. Not just in how I go about getting ready for the day but also my skincare has evolved. When I say evolved I mean it has shifted from being pretty bad to being a lot better – it has some structure and products that my skin is starting to really reap the benefits of.


The products that have really changed the look and feel of my skin are from the No7 range at Boots. To cleanse I used the Beautiful Skin Melting Gel cleaner for Normal/Dry skin  which I use in shower to cleanse my skin before the day begins.


Once I’ve cleansed I move onto moisturing which for dry skin is important. Obviously. I recently started using the new line of creams from No7 which is the Early Defence day cream (there is also a night cream helping.) This cream has totally altered how my make up goes on. No longer do I look at my face half way through the day and see that my make up has gathered in the oily parts of my skin which is obviously super news.

Sometimes if the oil on my skin is playing up I will use a cotton pad swipe worth of the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying toner but I don’t get that out too often as I feel that the oil specific products really cause excess dryness on my skin.

And that is my morning routine, it is really simple and quick which is exactly what I need from skincare. What I like about my routine is that although it is quick there are no nasty wipes involved or cleansers that I need to use pre face washing. Ain’t nobody got time for that.



    • August 21, 2015 / 9:48 am

      It didn’t catch my eye really before now but the products I’ve tried have been really good. Let me know if you do try anything! x

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