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The power of making a change

You know that feeling you get on a given day where you just hate the routine that your week has become and you want something to change? You are not alone. I think through out your 20s and life really you go through phases of just wanting to escape it all and have daydream moments of what life could be. For me, I’m sure you can guess where my mind goes when I have these moments. Clue: the title of my blog.

Although our daydreams take us to a place where our biggest and potentially scariest dreams come true sometimes just making a minor change can have the impact and desired effect on ourselves mentally. Reading that I know it may not sound overly exciting, forget your big dream and just do a little one, but sometimes you just have to be realistic. I’m not saying forget your big dream all together, you can make a small change that will be beneficial to the aforementioned big dream. Making this little change is a step in the right direction, makes you feel like you are moving towards the bigger goal and will no doubt be something that makes you happy.

Recently I have had itchy feet as to what else there could be. I’m not unhappy with my life by any stretch of the imagination but I am a Scorpio and by nature I am all about reinvention. I love trying new things and discovering new elements of my personality, to do this I think you have to challenge yourself. Try something different and new rather than sticking to the same old everyday.

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Things to consider when making a change

It is feasible : are you dreaming too big, too fast? No one wants to rain on your parade but you have to be realistic. Can you achieve making the change without ground work.

Small changes fuel bigger ones : Tying into the prior, making little changes in order to reach the big end goal is more productive than rushing in and not following the ‘big’ change through. If you want to go and live in Madrid but don’t speak Spanish. Start there, sign up to Spanish lessons.

Think carefully about what you want to change & why you want to change it : Are you unhappy in your job? Do you hate the work and home routine? Make changes that you believe will make you happy. If you are unhappy in your job then look at new jobs and what open vacanies their are around. Bored of the routine – join that gym class you have always wanted to or take up a hobby that you are too nervous to do because of the fear of fitting in. Taking a chance, one that pulls you out of your comfort zone will not only do wonders for your confidence but it will also give you a new spark of life.

What changes do you want to make in your life? If you could do anything that scares you, what would it be?


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