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4 of my favourites: The block heel

Recently I have been drawn towards the block heel whenever I am window shopping online or taking myself round the shops of a lunctime. There is something really functional and Spring-like about a block heel, don’t get me wrong I would love to be one of those sassy gals that can power down the street in stilettos¬†of a Tuesday but sadly I just end up with sore feet and doing a whole lot of complaining. No one wants to listen to that all the live long day!

More shoes is potentially not something that I need but what’s a gal to do. Especially a gal that can’t resist a bargain…

In my defence, I have the ‘staple’ block heel covered in the shape of a black pair and a nude pair. Now these boxes are ticked, I can go nuts on the not so staple styles. Step forth leopard print. Of course. The latest addition in my collection has been a pale of dusky rose block heels that I snapped up in the New Look sale.

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Block heels are a great wardrobe staple, in my opinion. The fact it is a sturdy heel makes for a little more ocmfort than you would get from a stiletto heel. The High Street also has some really great options in terms of colour, pattern, heel height and texture. There is pretty much a block heel for everyone! From a killer heel height to a less stacked heel for those days where you just don’t fancy a higher heel.

New Look and ASOS have become my favourite spots for picking up a great block heeled shoe. The shoes pictured are all really comfortable and wearable.

What are you favourite block heeled shoes? Where did you pick them up from?




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