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Things I’m obsessed with

If I had to describe my personality I would say it was quite addictive. I go through phases of being really, really into things then after a period of time I am not interested in it. Generally this is only material things, I don’t do it with say friends. That would just be plain old bitchy.

Can anyone actually believe that it is July? 2017 is flying by like nothing on earth. It’ll be Christmas before we know it… scary thought. Anyway. Here is my round up of things I’m obsessed wtih currently. I realise the word “obsessed” isn’t used in the correct context but alas I’m going to use it.

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Essie Chinchilly nail polish

I’ve always been a dark nail gal. Sometimes I’ll be adventurous and go for a red but going into the nude realm isn’t something I have done often, potentially ever. At Christmas I picked up a little Essie gift set that had Bahama Mama in it and Chinchilly. I didn’t pay much attention to Chinchilly for a good while, instead opting for other shades. When I did try Chinchilly I totally loved it.

Described as a ‘sleek, granite grey’ this polish is really flattering and understated on the hands. It is definitly a shade that was out of my comfort zone (which sounds weird because it is a very inoffensive shade) but I really loved wearing it. It looked put together without being over powering.

‘Into the Water’ by Paula Hawkins

Everyone and their Auntie read ‘The Girl on the Train’ a couple of years ago, I for one loved it so picked up White’s second novel ‘Into the Water’ while I was doing my weekly food shop – the glamour of it all. I am about 5, maybe 6 chapters into the story and am already loving it. Hawkins has a way of making everything very mysertious and really sparks your curiousity. If you liked Girl on the Train then I have no doubt you will enjoy Into the Water.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara &  Penelope Pink lipstick

When I left my old agency job behind at the end of May, they very kindly gifted me a voucher for Feel Unique. I used part of the money to buy Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara and the Penelope Pink lipstick. I am already a massive fan of the Rock & Kohl liner in bedroom black and the eyeshadow palettes but legendary lashes and lipstick was a plain for me.

Both, let me just tell you, are excellent. Legendary Lashes gives you full and curled lashes without smudging and coat after coat. I love this mascara so much that I have repurchased it. Always a good sign.

Nude lipsticks are some of my favourites, as you will know if you are a regular in these parts. Penelope Pink was a product I had heard a lot about but had never actually used. I knew my mum was a big fan of it so I figured there was no harm in giving it a try! This is a great nude lipstick. It is more of a matte finish, looks great teamed with the Rock & Kohl liner smudged out and lasts forever. It also feels really nice on the lips.

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What are you obsessing over at the moment? Share your favourites with me in the comments.


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