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Things that are irritating about public transport.

Oh public transport, it is useful to those amongst us without a car but it can be so very irritating from time to time. Whether it is on the bus, train, tram you name it – public transport can be annoying!

1. School children screaming and chatting about the party at the weekend and Rosie pulling Mick in Toni’s mum and dad’s room. Just shhh it is 8am and I need this small ride to work to prepare myself for the social interaction I am going to have to go through today.

2. Creepy employees. “Single please.” Bus Driver “And are you? *smiles in a coy manner* NO. JUST NO.

3. The phantom fart-er. Someone always just drops one when the heating is on full and all the windows are shut. Everyone just looks around with the look on their face – it wasn’t me!

4. Trackers. Service due in 7 minutes. 7 minutes later – still waiting. Yeah, this is fun.

5. Packed rush hour transport. Only one seat left. Yep, that is the seat that next to the person who has the worst BO ever. Nicccce.

6. Sitting across from someone and then the awkward eye contact thing happens. Where to look now?!

7.  Sneezers that just let it all flow out. Please cover your mouth.

8. Transport users that spread their stuff and themselves out over two seats. The method of transport is packed please move your stuff and your self.

9. Teenagers blaring music out their phones. Yes, everyone really wants to hear Pixie Lotts new song blaring from the back of the bus.

10. Make up appliers. Do it at home, come on now.

11. The overly touchy, feely couple on the bus. Save it for a more private department.


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