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This Old Thing – Dawn O’Porter

Wednesday nights have become all about channel fours new vintage clothes extravaganza that is This Old Thing. Hosted by the ever amazing Dawn O’Porter, vintage phobes are taken to meet their fears! With lashings of beautiful vintage clothes, Dawn’s amazing bob – mine never, ever sits as well as hers – and a few alteration tips thrown in for good measure. It is safe to say, I love it!

Naturally when I heard there was an accompanying book, I had to snatch it up. Page after page of beautiful vintage clothes from the 20s right through to the 80s (although this isn’t technically vintage yet, give it 6 years!) The book is informative without being overly bitty. Following an introduction into what vintage is and why Dawn loves it so, we go into detail about each of the decades. The 20s and 30s are my favourite. Something about these decades that just makes me all girly and excited.

With a mix of history, tips and tricks for alteration and beautiful photography this book is a must have for lovers of the programme or for those looking to find inspiration for vintage and dress making. (I ended up in John Lewis today in the sewing machine section *sigh*)


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