Tips for Growing out a Pixie Cut

This is the second time that I have gone through the process of growing out a pixie cut. It is a lengthy and sometimes frustrating process. Despite this when you get some length back in your hair it is all worth while. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pixie cut but every now and then it is good to mix things up. The first three months are not fun. The mullet stage is not cool but if you keep it trimmed and give it some time it will pass and you will be into the second phase of the growing out process.

Tip One – Get regular trims

Keeping some shape in your hair will mean you don’t get frustrated and decide the growing out process isn’t for you. It will also mean that your hair will grow in a much nicer shape.

Tip Two – Have a end goal

Choose the haircut you are growing your hair out into. This way you have an end goal and something to keep in your mind when you are hating on your in between length hair.

Tip Three – Try out different hair styles and colours

To keep your hair looking a bit more exciting than a growing out pixie have a change of style or colour. This is the perfect time to try something new to keep it fresh.

Tip Four – Get some good hair products in

You will want to keep your hair in good condition so that when you do get to your end goal you are there with good, healthy hair. Remember that good hair products don’t need to cost a bomb. Boots have plenty of good brands with affordable products.

I am four months into growing out a pretty short pixie, not as short as before but it is still a long process. Getting my hair tidied up and into a Michelle Williams tuck my hair behind my hair pixie it is a lot more manageable and less of a messy dodgy length pixie.


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