Tips for planning a long weekend

We all enjoy a change of scenery now and again. No one will argue that it is good for you, it allows you to reset, adjust your mindset and go back to work, university, play – whatever it may be that you are taking a break from – feeling relaxed, energised and with a clear head.

As much as a full blown week long holiday is great and I would take one without any moans or groans, sometimes popping on your out of office on a Thursday evening with the message ‘back on Wednesday, contact *insert managers name* in my absence’ is exactly the break that you need.


This year my friend and I started what we like to think is going to become a tradition. It was around the 3rd of January. We were still in the Christmas and New Year frame of mind and had manage to consume quite a few bottles of wine, this resulted in us hopping on to Skyscanner and booking ourselves a long weekend in Dublin. Along with booking tickets to see Tyler Hilton and Kate Vogeale while we were there. Delightful. We were flying out from Edinburgh airport early on the Friday morning and back late on the Sunday night – perfect, 3 full days to explore.

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Tip One: Book in advance

When we booked our Dublin adventure we booked our flights in January, booking 5 months in advance meant our flights were cheaper than if we had looked into them nearer to our May trip. Keep at eye on the rates and don’t book the first thing you see. Shop around, there will be plenty of offers out there.

This will also allow for you to have plenty of time to get your spending money together and make a good stab at saving up. I am certainly not rolling around in a mountain of disposable income but if I give myself enough time then I can put some savings away to give myself a good trip.

Tip Two: Don’t have your heart set on a specific date

While you are researching the cost of flights and accommodation be flexible with the dates of your trip. Going in with one set departure and return date will only limit you in terms of what is available and the value for money that you will be getting. If you are going with a group, decide on a few different potential trip dates that way no one can say they weren’t asked about the date and now they can’t go and you aren’t tied in to a period that could be a bit pricey.

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Tip Three: Research your destination

Before booking up in a hotel or self-catering apartment research your destination. Think about what you want to do while you are away and the area that you would like to stay in. If you don’t do this you could end up out in the sticks when really you wanted to be right in the heart of the City. Once you have worked out the area that you want to stay in you can then get on the inter-web and find the perfect accommodation for your trip.

Tip Four: Write a list

Note down everything you are going to need to book before you even start to consider getting currency, buying a new bikini or looking out your suitcase. Before you get into the small details you need to get the essentials sorted. These being; flights, accommodation,airport transfers and a general overview of the countries current political situation. You don’t want to be jetting off to a hostile environment when you are seeking some R&R!

Although I have said you need to get things sorted and planned out, don’t get too wild and plan out your day-to-day goings out while you are away. There is nothing worse than organised fun! Plus when you get there you might not fancy going to see a historical landmark right away, you might fancy getting your bum to the nearest bar and having a cocktail.


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