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To be read

My to be read list seems to grow and grow because well I have a book buying related problem. I will caveat by saying that two of the books on this To be read are borrowed and two are birthday gifts therefore that makes it totally acceptable. This to be read is a bit of a mix of genres and times in which the books are set but they have all been floating about on my radar for sometime now. Also time is ticking for my 15 in 15 book challenege, only 2 to go.


First up is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ written by fellow Scot Robert Louis Stevenson. Following on from being excited about the new Sunday evening television programme, I had wanted to get read the book. Based around the idea of split personalities, the book focuses on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (funny that) and the lawyer Mr Utterson. There is a focus on good versus evil and how personality play a role in these qualities.

At 26, I am maybe a little old for a young adult book but I am such a big fan of Dawn O’Porter that reading ‘Paper Aeroplanes’ was going to happen at some point or another. From reading reviews and the plot summary, this is a novel about friendship. Set in the mid 90s it follows the teenage friendship of Flo and Renee.

Donna Tartt ‘The Goldfinch’ hasn’t been on my radar that long but then it was recommended to me and a work colleague lent me her copy. It has been described to me as dark as well as being miserable but wonderfully written. I love dark books, such a misery! Set in New York City, it follows the life of Theo Decker after an accident rips his life apart.

Next up is the first in the Game of Thrones series by George R.Martin.  ‘Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice & Fire’ is on my to read list because I love the TV programme and want to see if like most things I have read and seen on TV if the book is actually better. Watch this space. This is another substantial book which will probably take me forever to get through!

Finally is another Poirot story from Agathe Christe.  ‘The Big Four’ is the 5th of the Poirot stories which you don’t need to read in order  but I like to read them in order! From reading the plot summary, this takes us international with the mystery of the man going to see Poirot and the piece of paper scribbled in the number four!

What is on your to be read list?


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