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Transitioning into Autumn

October is here which means one thing – Autumn is here. I love Autumn fashion, it beats Summer fashion 10 fold. There is something about dressing in Autumn that makes me happy, be it the deep berry colours or the textures – I just love it. With this said, I am obviously very excited about the prospect of the coming season.


The Leather Jacket. I live in my leather jacket be it Spring, Summer (on chillier days and nights of course) and in the Autumn. They just go with everything and are very much an investment piece. A good leather jacket goes a long way and lasts a long time. I have 2 real leather jackets and 1 not real. The real ones are from ASOS and Oasis, with the Oasis one being almost 5 years old and still totally wearable. The beautiful thing about leather is the way in which it becomes worn. The edges get a little bit worn and the leather softens making it become something that is really representative of your day to day leather jacket related activities.

To be worn with a fore mentioned jacket – the day dress. I have a selection of dresses that I deem as day dresses. They are the dresses that you can wear during the day but if you end up on a night out you still feel like you aren’t a total state in the club. From patterns to plain dresses teamed with the leather jacket and an ankle boot makes me really happy in Autumn. My day dress collection is made up of skater skirts, shirt dresses, wrap dresses and tunics. No dress is not worthy of joining the day dress team.

When a day dress just won’t do, there is always the black jean. My favourite jeans are high waisted skinny jeans purely for the fact they go with everything, they are flattering and can be dressed up or down so you know always handy to have 3 plus pairs of. I like wearing jeans with everything – sweaters, tshirts and blouses… anything really. They are super versatile and aren’t that affordable, my favourite black jeans are either the £19.99 jeans from New Look or a pair of high waisted jeans I picked up in Tesco. Obviously black jeans get better when they start to get a bit washed out, I am probably the only person to ever say that. To go with the black jeans, as I mentioned I wear everything, some of my favourite options are below.

Shoe wise for transitioning into Autumn very much depends on whether it is raining everyday or if we get a nice September. I like to swap between a plimsole, an ankle boot and a good old fashioned ballet flat. Nothing too wild because that just ain’t ma thang.

What are you transitional pieces going into Autumn?


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