Travel: Dublin #3

The final part of my travel diary to Dublin. This makes me almost as sad as I was leaving Dublin. Our final day in the City was a scorcher, the sun was splitting the sky so after munching down a full Irish breakfast we decided to get out in the sun and wander.

Our first stop was Trinity College which was as beautiful as we had imagined. We wandered round taking in the surroundings before having a little seat in the square of the college and taking in the sun and grandeur of our location.

We spent pretty much the rest of the day wandering the City taking in as much as possible. The weather was absolutely perfect, no chilly breeze just that big ball of fire toasting us. A lot of the pictures below have construction works in it, the City is seeing an extension of their Luas lines (tram lines) so it is pretty construction heavy on the roads but that definitely didn’t detract from the sightseeing.DSC01559


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