Understanding Facebook Analytics: Engagements

If you missed Part 1 of Understanding Facebook Analytics you find out about Page Likes by clicking here. This time we are looking at engagements. Control that excitement please.


Engagements are the best way to get a general overview of how you are doing. They are made up of likes, comments and shares and measure people’s interactions with your content and promotions of your content to their circle of influence. Why are engagements important I hear you ask? Well engagements are essentially the actions in which users engage with your content be it by a like, a comment, a share or a simple click through. Users on Facebook can be your biggest fans, letting others know how much they love your blog and as an added bonus they can help you understand your audience from who they are to what demographics they hold.

Telling you what engagements are on Facebook is all good and well but what value does it actually serve? Well, engagements allow you to understand the content that really captures your readers attention along with being able to understand which content compel’s an action from a user. Along with these benefits you can also find out the number of users that saw your post and finally your blogs visibility within Facebook. To go all social geek on your here, the engagement metric is a big part in the Facebook newsfeed algorithm which ultimately determines the News Feeds your posts are displayed in thus having an effect on the reach of your post.

Next time how people engage on Facebook and analysing the people tab within Facebook.


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