Understanding Facebook Analytics: How People Engage

Welcome to part 3 of Understanding Facebook Analytics. Today we shall talk how people engage on Facebook. Contain that excitement and prepare to learn!

The people metric is a key metric to consider when looking at Facebook Analytics because this metric allows for us to deeper than just page likes. The two main insights you will gain from the people metrics are; how many unique people are engaged with your page and it looks at anyone that engages with your page. To find this metric go to your Facebook insight section.

A huge benefit of looking at these results are that you can compare for periods (month-on-month, for example) to gain more context as to how your results are moving. Over the last 2 months you may have had double the engaged users as you had before but with only gaining 10% of new page likes. You are also able to get insight into the demographics of your page likers. This ranges from language, gender, age and geographic location. Nifty. Also really useful if you are planning a serious of promoted posts, you can target to get the best result for your cash money.

Ultimately why is the people metric important?

Well it allows you to find out how many people are interacting rather just liking your page and never going near a post again. It also allows for your to see how successful your content is in driving actions from a truly engaged user. You can use these findings to build out a template for content that really works. Finally, without maintaining and retaining an engaged audience no one will see your posts. Not the page likers nor their friends.

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