Understanding Facebook Analytics: Page Likes



By day I am a Social Media-er, that is not my official job title – sadly, but by day that is what I do. I plan, activate and monitor Social Media campaigns for an advertising agency from Facebook to Twitter with a newly built station to stop at for Instagram *squeals in excitement*

With social media being my job, it is part of my remit to swot up on the in’s and outs of the platforms I spend pretty much all of my 9-5.30 Monday to Friday life on. I read white papers, I play about with platforms and well to be honest I am a bit of geek and love social media!  So I figured, let’s be a helpful Emma and give my blogger compadres some tips on understanding Facebook Analytics.

First up.. Understand Facebook Analytics: Page Likes

A growing number of fans on Facebook is a sign of an engage community but in order to sustain this growth understanding where your fans have come from is important. You can check the users landing source in Facebook insights.

Within insights, the sources are broken into 5 categories: ads, on your page, your posts, uncategorised mobile and others. If you want to see the breakdown of sources in more detail you can do a data export to further analyse where users are coming from.  On Facebook, there are a nice little pile of sources that exist however when you will only ever see the sources that generated a follow for you.

You can find out some interesting bits and pieces from looking at the sources of your page likes such as whether changing the position of the Facebook widget on your site made a difference to the number generated.




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