Understanding Facebook Analytics: Reach and Impressions

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This is part four of Understanding Facebook Analytics and today is all about Reach and Impressions. Be excited. Be very excited.


When you are thinking about your Facebook page and how many people are actually seeing your content reach is important. Reach is how many people could possibly be seeing your Facebook content making it a key performance indicator and an important indicator of how well your paid or unpaid promotion of content is going.

If you are running both paid and organic reach then having a look at the results for each is beneficial as you will be able to work out the percentage of views from each. When considering reach it is important to remember that it is a performance indicator for how effective your content is within your target audience. This measurement can be more insightful than that of your page likes. Those that don’t like your page see your posts and not all that do like your page see your posts.


So what about impressions I hear you ask well impressions are the number of times your content is displayed within the Facebook platform. Impressions are split much like reach into organic and paid impressions. The difference between the two is quite simple. Reach is the number of unique users that your content has been served to and impressions is the measurement of the number of times your content is displayed. So if three people were served the above post for three times that would make the reach three unique users and the impressions nine.


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