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What I’ve Bought Recently #1

It was a total bargain therefore it is justified.


Sherlock Season One & Two on DVD

Being a  massive Sherlock Holmes fan naturally I had to buy the BBC adaptation box set for the bargain price of £10 in Asda. With only one disk left, I am a little sad but I will no doubt re-watch it all in about 3 weeks time because well why the hell not!

‘The Library of Unrequited Love’ by Sophie Livry

I stumbled upon The Library of Unrequited Love randomly one day and had umm-d and ahhh-d over buying it for a few weeks then I just decided to bite the bullet and purchase it. I haven’t actually started it yet but it looks like an interesting read and one that will no doubt be read in about a day! (It is only 92 pages!)

John Lewis Bras

These are so good, they get their own photo! 

New foundation garments were on the cards for a long time. My old brasseries should have been replaced many many moons ago but I decided to put it off in favour of other essential goods *all goods bought recently were 100% necessary* Following a child like strop in Marks and Sparks, I ventured to John Lewis were I happily got myself 2 new bras.

Previously under wired, padded balcony were the bra of choice but I have since discovered padded sister – non padded. She is without a doubt the more comfortable sister. With the same support as padded, non padded gives a less shoved up in your face booby but still makes your lady lumps look good.

Max Factor Nail Polish in 110 Red Passion

A present from my Mum as she knows I love red nail polishes more than any other shade. This Max Factor offering is a beautiful poppy red that is vibrant and glossy on the nails and seems – so far – to be resisting chipping quite well. A brand I have never really ventured in to, this nail polish has set the bar high for the rest of Max Factors offerings.

Tesco Watch 

I’ve needed a knew watch for a while now and was struggling to find one I liked. Then I came across this simple black strapped watch with a big clear face. Exactly what I was looking for. It was only £8 and won’t last that long but for now it will do. My Mum suggested getting a leather strap put on because it is a nice face. Get round to that by about March 2015 no doubt!

Happy Sunday Lovlies!



    • August 10, 2014 / 7:44 pm

      It is so good! Really addictive to watch. You need to check it out! x

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