What to ask for when getting a pixie cut

Going in and getting your haircut short for the first time can be a scary moment, scary but also hugely exciting. When I first went into the hairdressers in Glasgow 7 years ago for my first venture into short hair I was 100% sure that I wanted to do it after having long hair for pretty much my entire life and was sure of the style I wanted. That is the thing with short hair because you have so little of it you do become very specific and sure of what it is you want because you will notice is something isn’t quite right.

Now 7, nearly 8, years into my short hair and many a pixie style when it comes to going to the hairdressers I know what I am looking for. It has got to the point that I am now in the poisition to go into my hairdressers (the lovely Mark at Cheynes York Place) and say to him a tidy up. I know he will always give me what I’m after because he knows my style and what I like but he always puts a wee twist on things. Be it putting my fringe to the other side or leavin some weight on the top to give my hair a different look. I trust him 100% and know that if I really didn’t like it I could say to him and he’d do what I was after.

Going in for your first pixie cut can be pretty scary in fact it can be incredibly scary. Don’t let the fear takeover because if you are sure you really want to go for it then you should. You’ll love it on the short side and if you don’t, you can always grow it back. After all, it is only hair.

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Create a Pinterest board of styles you like

In my opinion, when it comes to short hair people tend to think the options are limited. Trust me, they are not. Sure you can’t go from straight hair to a wavy bob if you are going from day to night but the variety of short hair styles is there. Go wild pinning all the short styles that catch your eye.

Figure out how short you want to go

If this is your first venture into the land of short hair then it is probably best to have a good think about how short you actually want to go. When I first when short, I went for the Frankie Sandford classic asymetric cut before going shorter each time. I found this less daunting then going from hair that hit my chest to a short style.

Chat to your hairdresser

The biggest tip I can give you is to have an open and honest conversation with a hair dresser that you trust. You are making a big change so feeling comfortable is really important. Show your hairdresser the styles you like and they will be able to advise you if the cut would suit your face shape and also the potential ways in which it can be altered to work for you.


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  1. Gallus Gail
    May 30, 2017 / 7:06 am

    Hi Emma I just found your great blog via http://www.bysarahbh.com I also live in Edinburgh. I have just had a pixie cut after growing the previous one out over two years, I now think why did I bother! The most important tip is to take pictures of styles you like when you go to your hairdresser. I go to Jason at Charlie Miller on Stafford Street. It can be difficult to find a hairdresser that can cut short hair well. Keep hair blogging and thanks for the tips.

    • Emma
      May 30, 2017 / 2:34 pm

      I totally know how you feel, I don’t think I ever really follow through with the growing out process. Finding a good hairdresser is so important x

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