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Whittard does afternoon tea.

This festive season I had a an early Christmas with some friends. We exchanged gifts, made sangria – read my how to make sangria post if you fancy giving it a bash yourself – and generally had a merry time bar one was struggling with a hangover and I was overly excited the entire day. Nonetheless it was a merry day.

I was very kindly gifted a beautiful glass tea leaf tea pot from Whittard and some pure peppermint tea leaves. If you know me, then you know I can’t drink ‘normal’ tea or coffee due to the caffeine in it therefore I rely heavily on fruit and herbal teas to get me through the day one hot cup at a time.


It is so simple to make – pop your tea leaves in the filter and put into the pot that has boiling water in it. I like to leave boiling water in a wee while before popping in the filter purely to heat the pot and make my delicious tea stay warm for longer! After that I put in the filter, tea leaves and all and leave to brew for 4-5 minutes. Then serve! Cute Cath Kitson mugs optional but you have to have a cute mug to go with you lovely tea pot.

Being a peppermint tea back regular, I can really taste the difference between the two options. The tea leaves from Whittard just taste purer. The tea is minty and fresh with a nice zingy after taste. Thanks to my lovely friend for a thoughtful gift and for introducing me to the wonderful world of Whittard tea leaves. *Googles Whittard store Edinburgh*


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