Your Good Skin - 3 steps to better skin?

Being somewhat a beauty enthusiast, I am always on the hunt for another great product line. While browsing the shelves of my local Boots I came across the section that housed the Boots own brand Your Good Skin. A brand that I had heard a lot of chatter about on the ol' beatuy blogs and YouTube so naturally I took this as a sign to try out a few of the products. Soothing Micellar Cleanser I liked the Soothing micellar cleanser but I didn't love it. It does the job in terms of removing makeup before a proper cleanse but out with that I didn't see any real benefits to my skin from using it. This is a very mild product and states it is suitable for all skin types. This isn't high on my list of p

Alex Steinherr - Primark Skincare

Alex Steinherr has been someone in the beauty world that I have followed for years. Not only is she knowledgeable on all things beauty from her many years in the beauty industry but she is also extremely relatable and honest. When I saw on her infamous Instagram Lives that she was launching a skincare partnership with Primark, I was very very excited. The line is made of five ranges: Maximum Moisture, Pore Balance, Pollution Solution, Plump & Glow and Sleep Spa. Maximum Moisture - Add moisture back into the skin and retain moisture Bore Balance - Designed for Oily skin to fight the oil and combat blemishes Pollution Solution - Combat daily aggressors that can block the skin Plump & Glow - Pa

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