4 Products that I have been loving

Well didn't June fly by us! This month I have been trying out a few different products that I haven't used before - partly due to one being brand spanking new, thrilling. Skincare, tan, foundation and eyeshadow products have been tried and tested this month and I have found 4 Products that I have been loving and will definitely be repurchasing. The Skincare Product NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Body Cream I’ve had dry skin on my body for pretty much my whole life and have had quite an oily back and shoulders for most of my teens and 20s, while watching a skincare video from Nadine Baggott I learnt about NIP+FAB Glycolic Fix Body Cream. This is a body cream made up of salicylic acid, lactic acid and g

Summer makeup essentials

Summer makeup is a funny one. You don’t want to feel cakey and look overy glowy ie. sweaty but going bare faced isn’t going to happen in my world. It just won’t happen unless I’m at the beach abroad or chilling in the back garden at my parents. That said, I did go very minimal make up-ed to the park last year and got so wine drunk that I ended up out so I wouldn’t write it off entirely. This is a great season for an orange toned red lip, some highlighter and a crap tonne of bronzer. The Glow: Bondi Sands Aero tan During summer I’m not a massive one for baring it all but when I do pop a summer dress on I like to feel bronzed. If I’m being honest I always like to feel bronzed. Aero tan from Bo

Trying a Korean Skincare Approach

Getting handed a copy of Stylist magazine makes me pretty happy, why I'm not sure because it isn't exactly someone handed me £100 and wishing me a good day but alas it brings me a little joy on my walk home from work. In last weeks issue there was an article all about Korean beauty (Why we are all crazy about K-beauty) which was a really interesting read. If you are a regular in the beauty blogger realm you will be well aware of the love for Korean skincare products because they are just so very good. People are heavily invested into their skincare regime with mothers being known to educated their sons and daughters in the importance of looking after your skin. Coming away from reading the a

Products I've used up: #1

During lockdown I have been trying to use up beauty products I have lying about, a lot of them I've not been a massive fan of or I had, shamefully, forgotten about. Products I've used up: #1 is hair, body and skincare! The Products Catwalk by Tigi Haute iron spray Price: £15.95 This was a bit of a splurge purchase for me, £15.95 on a heat protection spray is a bit excessive in my opinion. I liked this product, it smells lovely and does create a barrier between the hair and your heat tools however it made my hair very greasy. Almost right away my hair felt weighed down and like it needed another shampoo. I could get my hair feeling cleaner again with a few sprays of dry shampoo however I don'

Products I've Used Up: #2

The Products L'Oreal Paris Shake & Glow - Luminating setting spray Price: £9.99 I didn't actually purchase this, it was a gift with purchase but that isn't really important information in the grand scheme of things. This is a nice setting spray if you are looking for a full on healthy glow. My one tip - don't forget to shake before spraying. It makes a massive difference to the glow given. Focusing the spray on the high points of the face makes for a really fresh and dewy skin, I used this as a refreshing spray more so than a setting spray. I spritzed it on when my makeup was feeling a bit dull and needing a little refresh. Doing this did just that and didn't leave makeup looking cakey or li

STYLPRO Makeup Brush Cleaner

I will admit that cleaning my makeup brushes is not something that I am all that great at keeping up with. I do tend to wait until they are desperately in need of a wash before I do it which isn't great when I'm switching about eyeshadow colours and also hygiene wise! . Cut to Christmas 2019 and the STYLPRO makeup brush cleaner coming into my life. Game changer. Wash and dry your brush in 30 seconds, sounds too good to be true really. But it is true. The STYLPRO deep cleans your brushes to remove all makeup build up then spins them dry. Hello, nice clean brushes. The kit comes with a range of rubber brush holders which you then attach to the battery powered handle before holding the brush in

Top picks from Revolution Makeup

Revolution makeup is fast becoming one of my favourite makeup brands. The product range is massive and is really affordable - winning! It is fast becoming a main brand in my little makeup stash. From base to eyeshadow and a wee stop off in brow products, there is pretty much everything. Obviously i am still discovering new products from the ranges but these are the top picks that I have in my collection. Correcting Primer - Radiant Peach Price: £7 When I first started using the radiant peach correcting primer, I wasn't a massive fan. I didn't really see any difference and thought it was a bit of a waste of a product. However I switched up how I applied this, going from using my fingers to us

High Street everyday cleansers

The Ordinary Squalane cleanser Price: 150ml - £13.95/50ml - £5.50 I've written about the Squalane cleanser before and how it has become a staple in my skincare routine. This cleanser removes makeup really quickly and gently, you don't have a tight feeling face after washing off the day which I hate. Why is squalane so good for your skin, you ask? It moisturises like no other, it leaves skin hydrated and plump. It also doesn't leave a greasy, oily layer on the skin after - it sinks in really fast. It is compeltely odourless meaning that if you have skin that reacts to heavily perfumed products, squalane could be for you. Revolution Skincare Cleansing jelly Price: £6 The newest in my cleanser


Who doesn't love a bright nail in summer with a - fake - tan? A few of these, I wear all year round but some I reserve specifically for summer time. The brightest of the 4 are the ones I reserve just because I feel like autumn and winter is the perfect time for deep, dark purples and reds. I mean where any colour you want whenever, it makes little difference but a bright in the summer with a tan and a sun dress just looks great in my opinion. The all year rounders CND Weekly Polish - Wildfire Shade: classic red I love this polish in both the shellac version and the weekly polish. If I am in the mood for a longer term colour on my nails, this is one that I reach for almost all of the time. Wi

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