MAC Lipstick Dupes

MAC lipsticks are a bit of a cult product in the makeup land with classic colours like Ruby Woo and Whirl gracing many a makeup bag. For me, the MAC matte lipsticks are a must have not just because of the colour selection but also their staying power. You really can pop it on in the  morning and just need a quick touch up at lunch. They are complete no fuss lipsticks with all the punch! As much as I love a MAC lippie, sometimes the old bank balance won’t stretch to spending £17.50 on a slightly different red shade than the other 12 I have. Worry not kind reader, as there are some bloody brilliant dupes on the High Street for your favourite MAC mattes. MAC Lady Danger – Sleek Lip Dose soft ma

The essential gel nail polishes

Nail polish is something I never go without and for a really long time I wore jsut your standard nail polish. Then I got given a UV nail lamp and things went to the gel side. Generally, I go for a few weeks with gel on then take a break and wear 'normal' nail polish before going back to gel. I only do this to allow for my nails to have a little bit of a break from the gel and repair. I also am a keen cutitcle oil and hand cream user which I find helps keep my nails strong. When it comes to nail polish, I'm a creature of habit. Sticking to nudes, bright reds and dark reds or purples - basically an almost black colour but not a true black. In gel polish there is no difference. The Nude: Bluesk

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