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Updated: Jun 12

Who doesn't love a bright nail in summer with a - fake - tan?

A few of these, I wear all year round but some I reserve specifically for summer time. The brightest of the 4 are the ones I reserve just because I feel like autumn and winter is the perfect time for deep, dark purples and reds. I mean where any colour you want whenever, it makes little difference but a bright in the summer with a tan and a sun dress just looks great in my opinion.

The all year rounders

CND Weekly Polish - Wildfire

Shade: classic red

I love this polish in both the shellac version and the weekly polish. If I am in the mood for a longer term colour on my nails, this is one that I reach for almost all of the time. Wildfire is the perfect bright, classic red that looks great on both short and long nails.

Essie - Topless and barefoot

Shade: soft beige-pink

This is a newer polish in my collection but it has very quickly become a firm favourite. I've worn this for at least a week every month since I picked it up in early March. It is a really flattering nude that makes your fingers look long and elegant. I'm an all year round fake tanner so I definitely think of this as the perfect all year round nude. It is definitely up there with CND Field Fox which is more of a grey based beige.

The summer essentials

Essie - Eclair my love

Shade: bright summer red with coral-pink undertones

Eclair my love was a summer collection polish so the best places to hunt this one down are on Amazon or eBay but it is definitely worth the hunt. It is a gorgeous, bright "red candy passion" as Essie describes it.

It is quite a difficult shade to to put into one family or another. It has some red undertones but also has a slight coral-pinky undertone. It is the perfect summer colour for hands and feet teamed with a nice bronze glow. I've tried to hunt down a permanant dupe for this one but am struggling to find a good match, it is a really unique colour.

L'Oreal - Coral trianon

Shade: A true coral

Eclair my love maybe be a red with coral undertones, Coral trianon is a full on classic coral shdae. This polish is super bright and very summery. Again a great one for fingers or toes and with a tan it pops even more. This is a bright, eye catching coral that is almost vergying on being a little bit neon.

What are your favourite summer polishes?

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