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Products I've used up: #1

During lockdown I have been trying to use up beauty products I have lying about, a lot of them I've not been a massive fan of or I had, shamefully, forgotten about.

Products I've used up: #1 is hair, body and skincare!

The Products

Catwalk by Tigi Haute iron spray

Price: £15.95

This was a bit of a splurge purchase for me, £15.95 on a heat protection spray is a bit excessive in my opinion. I liked this product, it smells lovely and does create a barrier between the hair and your heat tools however it made my hair very greasy. Almost right away my hair felt weighed down and like it needed another shampoo. I could get my hair feeling cleaner again with a few sprays of dry shampoo however I don't think day 1 hair should need dry shampoo.

I won't be repurchasing this again in a hurry. Nice smell but not for my hair!

L'Oreal Paris Elive Dream Lengths - resorting shampoo

Price: £4.99

10/10 would recommend to a friend.

I loved this shampoo and conditoner, it leaves hair feeling clean and hydrated as well as helping to reduce the apprerance of split ends and calm frizz. The shampoo smells really fresh and is a light formula that doesn't weight hair down. Also, if you shop around you will definitely find these products on offer.

The Skincare & Bodycare Products

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam

Price: £12.99

I love me some fake tan. I'm very rarely without a tan because who doesn't love being tanned! In order to keep my fake tan topped up I picked up the gradual tanning foam from Bondi Sands. Being a fan of Bondi Sands tans already meant that I was pretty sure I would enjoy the gradual tanning foam. And I did.

This has the signature Bondi Sands scent and builds up to a really gorgeous healthy glow when used daily. I like to use it to keep my fake tan topped up through the week and it is great for keeping a healthy glow going.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask

Price: £26

This at night mixed with a few drops of the Isle of Paradise tanning drops is amazing. You wake up hydrated with plump glowy skin. The combination is killer!

The Body Shop is a shop I go into and suddenly remember why I love it so much - their cult body products, bubble bath, shampoos and now this sleeping mask.

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