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STYLPRO Makeup Brush Cleaner

I will admit that cleaning my makeup brushes is not something that I am all that great at keeping up with. I do tend to wait until they are desperately in need of a wash before I do it which isn't great when I'm switching about eyeshadow colours and also hygiene wise! .

Cut to Christmas 2019 and the STYLPRO makeup brush cleaner coming into my life. Game changer.

Wash and dry your brush in 30 seconds, sounds too good to be true really. But it is true. The STYLPRO deep cleans your brushes to remove all makeup build up then spins them dry. Hello, nice clean brushes.

The kit comes with a range of rubber brush holders which you then attach to the battery powered handle before holding the brush in the bowl and turn on. A shallow pool of water mixed with either the brush detergant or anti bac soap is all that is needed. I hold the brush in the fluid and spin until the water has gone ... murky. Once I feel the brush is clean enough I then pull it out the water but keep in the bowl and let it spin dry. When you take the brush out of the bowl, it is dry to touch and good for your next makeup application. It is that easy!

I do find that to get a really good, deep clean it is best to switch the water out a few times otherwise it just feels like you are transfering dirt from one brush to another but apart from that this much more time effective and brushes feel cleaner than doing them by hand.

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