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Summer makeup essentials

Summer makeup is a funny one. You don’t want to feel cakey and look overy glowy ie. sweaty but going bare faced isn’t going to happen in my world. It just won’t happen unless I’m at the beach abroad or chilling in the back garden at my parents.

That said, I did go very minimal make up-ed to the park last year and got so wine drunk that I ended up out so I wouldn’t write it off entirely.

This is a great season for an orange toned red lip, some highlighter and a crap tonne of bronzer.

The Glow: Bondi Sands Aero tan

During summer I’m not a massive one for baring it all but when I do pop a summer dress on I like to feel bronzed. If I’m being honest I always like to feel bronzed.

Aero tan from Bondi Sand is a relatively new product and is one of the best fake tans I’ve ever used. There is no fake tan stench just a lovely coconut scent and the colour is natural without being too light. I want to look like I have a tan.

Aero tan dries super quickly, looks natural but still bronzed beach babe and lasts at least 7 days. (With proper care of course)

Even more glow: Wet n Wild Mega Glow Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals

Highlighter is relatively new to me. I had dablled in it a little bit, here and there but recently it has become a staple in my daily makeup. Subtle of course, I’m not one for looking like a unicorn.

Wet n Wild has become one of my favourite highlighters. Precious Petals is nude pink shimmer and is really pigmented. I like to use one, two for evenings dabs with an angled blush brush and then apply to the tops of my cheek bones, brow bone and cupids bow. Normally after that I do dab some of the product off because it is TOO glowly but generally I get the right amount of product. These highlighers are really pigmented, making them long lasting both on the skin and in the pan. And to make it even better, they are really affordable at £3.75!

The orange toned red lip: Sleek Lip Dose Soft Matte lip click in You Already Know

Sometimes the day just calls for a matte red lipstick. As much as I love a true red, summer is just the perfect time for an orange toned red. Teamed with glowy skin and full lashes it just looks so put together but requires minimal effort. It is the air dried beach waves of the makeup land!

The Sleek Lip Dose lip clicks are a bit of a gimicky product in my opinion. A regular bullet would have done but alas it is what it is. Away from the packaging, this is a really lovely lipstick. Soft matte was made ‘famous’ by the NYX soft matte lip creams and has the connatations of being a really smooth and light matte. That is exactly what this is! Your lips don’t dry out or feel plastered in product but you have a really intense, matte colour on your lips.

Staying power wise, this lipstick hangs about a good few hours however it doesn’t start to fade around 3 hours in with eating and drinking. You do get a bit of the baboon bum fading as well… sexy. If you don’t mind touch ups every now and then, defintiely check out this lipstick.

The Lashes: Too Faced Better than Sex mascara

And to finish the look? Some thick, full lashes.

Better than Sex mascara has been around for a good while now however I have just got round to trying it out. I am enjoying the thickness this mascara gives but it can be a bit of a bugger to get off. (I used the normal, non-waterproof version.)

Jet black, long lasting formula – there are no flakes here – and gives you voluminous, thick lashes. Hello! I am definitely picking up a full size of this product and it could well be my new favourite mascara. You heard it here first.

What are your summer beauty picks?

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