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The essential gel nail polishes

Nail polish is something I never go without and for a really long time I wore jsut your standard nail polish. Then I got given a UV nail lamp and things went to the gel side.

Generally, I go for a few weeks with gel on then take a break and wear 'normal' nail polish before going back to gel. I only do this to allow for my nails to have a little bit of a break from the gel and repair. I also am a keen cutitcle oil and hand cream user which I find helps keep my nails strong.

When it comes to nail polish, I'm a creature of habit. Sticking to nudes, bright reds and dark reds or purples - basically an almost black colour but not a true black. In gel polish there is no difference.

The Nude: Bluesky Satin Nightie

Of my non-gel nail polish, Chanel Organdi is the eqivilent to Satin Nightie. A creamy, pale pink polish that is really flattering to the hands.

The classic red: CND Wildfire

A true, classic, bright red.

I love Wildfire. It is the perfect true red that looks great on long or short nails. This, I think, is my most worn gel polish and would be my number one chocie if I had to make the decision of my ultimate.

The dark red: Bluesky Decadence

Carrying on the red love affair. Decadence is a darker red that is perfect for autumn and winter. It is a really sophisticated colour and is almost a neutral red - if that makes sense?! It goes with everything and doesn't really clash with much.

What are your favourite nail colours?

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