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Top picks from Revolution Makeup

Updated: Jun 19

Revolution makeup is fast becoming one of my favourite makeup brands. The product range is massive and is really affordable - winning! It is fast becoming a main brand in my little makeup stash.

From base to eyeshadow and a wee stop off in brow products, there is pretty much everything. Obviously i am still discovering new products from the ranges but these are the top picks that I have in my collection.

Correcting Primer - Radiant Peach

Price: £7

When I first started using the radiant peach correcting primer, I wasn't a massive fan. I didn't really see any difference and thought it was a bit of a waste of a product. However I switched up how I applied this, going from using my fingers to using a brush. This changed it completely.

Using a brush blended in beautifully and gave the skin a nice, healthy peach glow. Normally I got for a radiance primer so going for peach was a wee bit different for me and after working out how to get the best application for me, I will definitely be trying out the pink radiance primer when the radiant peach is done and dusted.

Foundation Drops

Price: £7

I use the foundation drops in 2 ways. Firstly to make my foundation darker when I have a fresh tan on (I use F11 for that) and then I have F9 which I use when I just want a light base rather than using my everyday foundation.

As a darkener, these work really well. A couple of drops and I can match up my foundation to a fresh fake tan no problem. This is the only way I use the F11 shade as ay other way it would be far too dark for my skintone - fresh tan or no fresh tan.

The coverage when wearing the foundation drops on their own is sheer but defintiely buildable. Your skin looks fresh and glowy but if you have any areas that do need a little bit more converage it can be easily built up.

Ultimate coverage crease proof concealer

Price: £8

I'm always on the hunt for a good concealer because under my eyes always needs a wee bit of brightening. I've tried a few from Revolution including the Full Coverage camouflage concealer which is nice but not great for under eyes as it is really thick. Perfect for covering blemishes but too heavy for under the eyes. The crease proof concealer however is perfect for under the eyes, it is creamy and moisiturising and brightens dark circles without getting cakey or looking like you've got something to hide - and I definitely do have something to hide under my eyes!

Brow pomade

Price: £6

I have the brow pomade in brown and auburn, neither of which match my current hair colour but despite the fact I can't use them in my brows I have been using them as eye shadow bases. And they work amazingly well as that as well as being great for filling in your brows.

Rengeneration palette Astrological

Price: £8.99

Eyeshadow palettes are kind of what Revolution are known for.

The palettes are really affordable and offer great colour pay off. The Astrological palette is a great mix of browns, bronzes and red based browns. You can get a whole load of eyeshadow looks out of this palette and I haven't found any of the shadows to be lacking.

Hydra plump lip gloss

Price: £6

Shades: Punch (top) and Tainted (bottom)

The final two products are new ones in my Revolution collection but have very quickly become a favourite lip gloss ahead of the NYX butter glosses. These glosses are really pigmented and feel moisturising on the lips, they are quite sticky but I don't mind that. I actually prefer it!

Punch is a a brighter gloss than I'd normally go for but is great with a tan and Tainted is a nice creamy beige nude and is definitely a staple in my collection.

Have you tried any of the Revolution products? What are your favourites?

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