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Trying a Korean Skincare Approach

Getting handed a copy of Stylist magazine makes me pretty happy, why I'm not sure because it isn't exactly someone handed me £100 and wishing me a good day but alas it brings me a little joy on my walk home from work. In last weeks issue there was an article all about Korean beauty (Why we are all crazy about K-beauty) which was a really interesting read. If you are a regular in the beauty blogger realm you will be well aware of the love for Korean skincare products because they are just so very good. People are heavily invested into their skincare regime with mothers being known to educated their sons and daughters in the importance of looking after your skin.

Coming away from reading the article I felt inspired to give the Korean-Style cleansing routine a go. This is made up of 10 steps which I know sounds a little excessive but I am currently in the middle of a bit of a breakout, my skin is feeling dry from the cold weather and central heating and basically just needs a good ol' bit of TLC.

The 10 Step Korean-Style Cleansing Routine

1 First Cleanse

Using a balm or oil cleanser to remove your makeup.

Product I will be using: The Body Shop Camomile Sumptous Cleansing Butter

2 Second Cleanse

Remove dirt with a foam or cream cleanser.

Product I will be using: Loreal Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Wash

3 Remove Eye Make-Up

Sweep away any remants of panda eyes by holding a saturated cotton pad against eyelids.

Product I will be using: The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

4 Tone

Hydrate and prep the skin with a toner.

Product I will be using: Pixi Glow Tonic

5 Essence

This boosts your skin barrier and balances the skin.

Product I will be using: The Body Shop Anti-Perfection Daily Solution*

*Potentially not the true meaning of an Essence but this product has been great for fighting off blackheads and imperfections so it is becoming my essence!

6 Serum

These have smaller molecules so can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin.

Product I will be using: Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C

7 Lotion

A lightweight liquid to seal in hydration.

Product I will be using: Dove Gradual Tanner**

** A little questionable maybe but I don't actually have a lotion that would work and I love having a bit of colour of a tan (I just look better with one)

8 Moisturiser

This locks in the goodness of earlier steps.

Product I will be using: Daytime - Hydra Protecting Cream/ Nightime - Nourishing Nightcream

9 SPF50

In South Korea, it is applied throughout the day.

Product I will be using: The SPF built into the products I use, South Korea and Scotland don't really level up in terms of strength of sunshine!

10 Mist

A spritz freshens and hdrates the skin before makeup.

Product I will be using: Barry M Flawless Hydro Fix Primer Spray

Ten steps does seem a little assiduous but I am going to give this routine a go day and night (some products I will ommit for day and some for night but I will let you know what I do that to) for four weeks and see the difference it makes to my skin. Watch this space.


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